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Clinical Ladder

The Medical Center at Scottsville offers the Clinical Ladder for Registered Nurses, a voluntary program that recognizes and rewards full-time and part-time bedside registered nurses (RNs) for developing their skills and contributing to improve direct patient care. The Clinical Ladder is both education driven and criteria based with measured outcomes.

The Clinical Ladder is designed to support and facilitate initiatives that will strengthen the professional practice environment and promote innovative, evidence-based nursing care. It is the acknowledgement of the professional commitment of registered nurses and recognition of excellence in providing quality nursing care. Not only does the clinical ladder encourage and stimulate professional development of the nurse but it also enhances the perspective of teamwork.

The Clinical Ladder is an opportunity for the registered nurse to initiate and impact processes that improve the outcomes of patient care. It is this autonomy and accountability that drives long-term improvements in patient care.

The Clinical Ladder provides numerous benefits, such as:

  • Focus on professional development
  • Emphasis on continuing education
  • Emphasis on teamwork
  • Pay linked to enhanced skills/competency
  • Intra-organizational career recognition and development
  • Participation on councils and committees
  • Input into nursing practice issues

The Clinical Ladder consists of four levels:

Clinical Nurse I (CN I - Novice)
Clinical Nurse II (CN II - Competent)
Clinical Nurse III (CN III - Leader)
Clinical Nurse IV (CN IV - Change Agent)

As the nurse progresses through the Clinical Ladder levels, nursing skill competence and level of expectation increase. Advancement expectations include:

  • Demonstrate professional credentials and strong clinical skills
  • Mentor and teach
  • Advocate for the patients
  • Provide patient care with compassion and a customer focus
  • Deliver high-quality patient care in the most cost-efficient manner
  • Deliver service as efficiently as possible

At The Medical Center, Clinical Ladder Nurses are continually learning, professionally growing and committed to success.