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Cardiac Rehabilitation

The Medical Center at Scottsville Cardiac Rehabilitation program can help individuals with heart disease recover faster. Cardiac Rehab includes exercise, education, counseling, and learning ways to improve your quality of life. It is a safe, effective way to help you feel better, get stronger, maintain a health body weight, reduce stress, reduce the risk of future heart problems and live longer.

We help you learn how to exercise safely, strengthen your muscles, and improve your stamina. Your exercise program will be created to fit your medical condition, personal needs and interests. You work with registered nurses who monitor your blood pressure, heart rate and heart rhythm while you exercise.

The Cardiac Rehab program at The Medical Center at Scottsville focuses on education, therapy and exercise sessions in an outpatient setting. Sessions last approximately 60 minutes and are held three days a week. This typically lasts for 24-36 visits. Depending on the individual's needs, education may include:

  • Diabetes control
  • Risk factors
  • Safety education
  • Cardiopulmonary disease education
  • Food management
  • Blood pressure control
  • Smoking cessation (if needed)
  • Breathing techniques
  • Stress management
  • Gentle stretching and weight training
  • Medication education
  • Home exercise program and importance of continuing an exercise program
  • Monitoring heart rate during exercise
  • Reasons to stop exercise; signs and symptoms to report to your doctor

If you need additional help making lifestyle changes, we will help connect you with other services including medical nutrition therapy and diabetes management.

For more information, call The Medical Center at Scottsville Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation at (270) 622-2910.